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Portugal: the best choice for retirees

Buying Property in Portugal and move to Portugal for retirement, is absolutely the best choice. In Portugal you can enjoy not only of one of the best climates in the world and almost the most hours of sunshine in Europe, but also good health services and favorable tax climate for retirees.


Portugal: almost the most hours of sunshine in Europe


Portugal has one of the best climates in the world and is known for its great beaches. Portugal is almost leader of Europe when it comes to the most hours of sunshine. Business magazine Forbes has the Algarve even named the best place in the world to live after your retirement. Here the sun shines approximately 3,000 hours per year. The Algarve is located on the Atlantic Ocean; with the fresh ocean breeze the climage in Portugal is always pleasant.


Portugal: safe country with good health care


Portugal is a safe country to live. It is politically stable and the crime rate is among the lowest in Europe. Health care in Portugal is good and affordable and health care costs are on average per capita lower than in many other countries in Europe.

As a pensioner you do not have to make any financial contribution to public health care, but you do get 40 and sometimes even up to 100% of the costs for medicin compensated when being over 65 years old. Are you not eligible for the public health care, then it is advisable to get a private health insurance. After that, you're assured of good care and short waiting times.


Portugal: kind and warm


Portuguese are known as friendly, open and relaxed. By a long tradition with immigration, the born inhabitants of Portugal are used to other cultures. After your retirement, the Portuguese people will certainly give you a warm and enthusiastic welcome in your new country of residence. In addition, the Portuguese generally speak English very well, so you can make yourself easily understandable.


Last but not least: the favourable tax climate in Portugal


Living in Portugal is currently much more attractive than any other European country, due to the tax benefits for new residents, called NHR-regime. It is possible to move to Portugal and pay absolutely no tax whatsoever on your pension, whether you decide to take it as one lump sum or as a regular income. This is because many European countries have a double tax treaty with Portugal and Portugal has introduced the Non-Habitual Residents regime (NHR-regime), which allows new residents to pay zero tax on their pension when becoming residents in Portugal. 

The NHR regime is aimed primarily at two groups: retirees, receiving pensions from abroad, and employed and self-employed workers, in professions of high added value. Such professions include: architects, engineers, artists, auditors, doctors, university teachers and company managers, among others. But, while retirees are exempt from taxation on pensions obtained abroad, workers in high added value professions pay a tax rate of 20% on earnings in Portugal. In both cases, the regime is effective for 10 consecutive years. As you can see; all the benefits for retirees are available in Portugal.