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Spring in the Algarve; A magical time


Spring welcomes the Algarve with a refreshing breath, a season of lush growth and a colourful spectacle of blooming flowers. Portugal's sunny south is awakening from it’s hibernation and is welcoming the change of seasons with open arms. Nature is at its best and the beach beds are prepared for long, sunny spring afternoons.


The lush flora of the Algarve in full bloom


The Algarve blooms in spring, with an abundance of colourful flowers adorning the landscape. The iconic almond trees color the hills in soft shades of pink and white. The citrus orchards spread their magical scent of fresh flowers. Wildflowers color the roadsides in all shades of the rainbow.

It is also the sky that is intensely blue at this time of year. The perfect backdrop for all the vibrancy around us. You can also see the storks working diligently with branches in their beaks to erect their constructions on tall chimneys and piles.

Spring in the Algarve is an enchanting spectacle.


Sunny days and a light breeze


The weather in the Algarve in spring is mild and pleasant, with sunny days and refreshing breezes. As the season progresses, temperatures continue to rise, with days with temperatures well above 20 degrees Celsius being no exception in February. Sometimes there are still rain showers that replenish the water supplies for the long, dry summer.


Spring fashion: colourful and light


With the arrival of spring in the Algarve also comes a change in wardrobe. It's time to ditch the winter coats and scarves and make way for lighter, breezier clothing. Think of colorful dresses, light blouses and comfortable sandals that perfectly match the cheerful mood of the season. Also, don't forget to bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the bright rays of the sun.


Explore the enchanting landscapes


The Algarve is known for its stunning natural landscapes, and spring is the perfect time to explore them. Make your way to the coast and discover secluded coves and hidden beaches.  Or explore the interior and hike through green valleys, along babbling brooks and through fragrant orchards. There are several hiking trails such as the 'Rota Vicentina' or the 'Via Algarviana' When spring is in full bloom, there's no better time to experience the natural beauty of the Algarve. In addition, the Alentejo, where we have an office, is also a feast for the eyes.

If you are looking for a (holiday) home in the Algarve or in the Alentejo, we can guide you from A to Z. Come and discover for yourself the magic of spring in the beautiful south of Portugal.

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