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Lisa Dijkshoorn

"I believe self-development is something that should always come first"

How it all started
After I attended the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I studied Human Resources Management, I went to the University of Amsterdam for my MBA in strategy. Before and during that time I was already working within HR (since 2014). I have had varying positions with different areas of focus within my profession. Among which:

- Operating within a tactical/strategic environment which included frequent legal casuistry

- advising the MT on the most efficient way of working

- Setting up an organizational structure

- Setting up various HR- processes

I believe self-development is something that should always come first. That’s why I wanted to gain experience within a foreign country. To learn everything about the language, culture and to experience what it is like to work abroad.

Why I love my job
It is challenging to work with different nationalities and different laws and regulations. I have been in various industries, including: the space industry, the distribution industry, the temping industry, the government and it is refreshing to see how things work within real estate.

When I'm not working
When I am not working, I enjoy reading books on human behavior, business insights, leadership styles and strategic implementation. 

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